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About me
Wow... I was a weird one. xD

Hii! I'm kk, currently 15. I'm Australian, but have a good mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Malaysian in me. That doesn't mean I can speak any of the launguages though... unfortunately. D:
I AM learning Japanese at school though, and like to attempt learning Korean in my (VERY VERY) rare free time. I was lucky enough to be able to go on my school's Japan tour in '07 (September) for 18 days. It was, in a way, the time of my life. ;)

I like listening to various kinds of music. The main reason is because I have a REALLY BIIIG iPod, and so I use any music I can find to fill it up. I also LOVE shopping, whether it's on the internet or at the city or a department store. I enjoy a bit of sport and reading too.

Anyway, pleased to meet you! Thanks for stopping by~ ;D
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