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30th-May-2007 11:29 pm - ~FRIENDS ONLY~
Gossip Girl - Leighton x Ed/Blair x Chuc
(Keke. Yeaps, kk is slowly but surely fixing up her LJ. Hence the second 'friends only' notice. ^^;)


Why? Because it contains really weird rambling that I find embarrassing. xD (go me)

Anyway, if for some unknown and wacky reason you choose to friend me, that will make me very very very surprised HAPPY! I'm not going to stop you. However, be prepared for some extremely biased statements, and continuous blabbering about different things I will be obsessed about from time to time. I might also become very emotional over pointless things, so... yes. 

If you are looking for my daily journal, this is the wrong place. My daily journal is kk_journal_no2. (Please go and read it. It's feeling very unloved.) In case you are wondering, this is my Japanese stuff (incl. anime and J-dramas) rambling journal. Also, if you are looking for my graphics box, which is currently... kind of... empty, go here: azure_bassist. I'm tellin' you though, my icons are not very good, AND i haven't updated in a kajillion years. 

So, if you friend moi~
[x] Please, tell me a bit about yourself! 

... and that's basically the only requirement. ^w^

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